Company Overview

Kodai employees are young, with an average age of 37, so it is a very active company. Employees always focus on careful manufacturing and providing reliable products. Kodai is a small company, but we are unique and have a bright future ahead of us.


Trade Name Kodai Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Buisiness Manufacture and sale of timber products for the home.
Locations 68-1, Motomiya Aza Sakutadai, Motomiya-shi, Fukushima-ken, 969-1111, Japan(Map
Tel +81-243-33-5381
Fax +81-243-33-6780
Establishment May 1, 1972
Directors Masaaki Nemoto (Predident CEO)
Setsuko Yamanaka (Director)
Miwa Nemoto (Director)
Hiroshi Yamanaka (Part-time auditor)
Banks Japan Finance Corporation, Fukushima Branch
Fukushima Bank, Ltd. Motomiya Branch
Toho Bank, Ltd, Motomiya Branch
Capital 10,000,000Yen


Kodai was established in May 1972 by Mr. Shoji Nemoto. Kodai is a small company, but we have been continuously expanding little by little since our inception. We embody a spirit of “contribution”, which is our corporate philosophy to provide products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our motto is to contribute to society in five major areas; “contribute to people, suppliers, the community and the planet”.

May 1972 Founder, Shoji Nemoto, set up head office at Takagi Takinoiri, Motomiya-machi, Adachi-gun Established Kodai Sangyo Ltd, with capital of 2,800,000 yen.
Sept. 1974 Added new factory at 7 Takagi Takinoiri, Motomiyamachi.
Dec. 1977 Added two new floors to factory at 7 Takagi Takinoiri, Motomiya-machi due to business expansion.
Feb. 1982 Added new paint shop adjacent to head office warehouse facilities.
Mar. 1983 Added new material stockyard with area of approx. 1,983㎡ at 44 Takagidaigaku, Motomiya-machi
Nov. 1985 Built new factory with area of approx. 3,966㎡ at 66-1 Sakutadai, Motomiyamachi and relocated factory premises.
Dec. 1985 Converted former factory at 7 Takagi Takinoiri, Motomiyamachi into new product warehouse facility and distribution center.
Aug. 1995 Masaaki Nemoto appointed to Representative Director. Founder, Shoji Nemoto, appointed to Chairman.
Aug. 1996 Commenced outsourced production to Helong, Jilin Province, China.
Sept. 1996 Opened new distribution center at Marui-exp Co, Ltd. in Oyama.
Aug. 2000 Opened local resident office in Longjing, Jilin Province, China.
May 2004 Added new undercover storage facility for dry materials to Sakutadai factory.
June 2005 Received authorization under Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises.
May 2006 Received CoC certification under the FSC Forestry Accreditation System.
Celebrated 35th anniversary.
Feb. 2007 Changed name to Kodai Sangyo Co, Ltd.
Mar. 2007 Completed new 3-storey warehouse/office facility in an attempt to integrate warehousing and distribution facilities.
Feb. 2008 Received 2007 Chairman’s Award for excellence in workplace health and safety from the Koriyama Labor Standards Association.
May 2008 Received the Tohoku IT Business Practice Best Model Award.
May 2009 Introduction of Kodai Sangyo’s “Mokuty System” that integrates production management and sales management.
Nov. 2009 Commenced fullscale operation of Mokuty System to integrate sales and production management systems.
Added new Yasaka NC dowel driving machine to bring the total number of dowel driving machines to two.
Dec. 2009 Received letter of commendation from Motomiya City for the donation of facilities and equipment.
Jan. 2010 Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen.
Feb. 2010 Received special award in the Material Flow/Accounting Division from the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.
Established new dedicated paint shop in Aotahanakake, Motomiya-shi.
Nov. 2010 Received Tohoku IT Business Practice Opinion Leader Award.
Received Award of Excellence for IT practices from the National Association of Trade Promotion for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Mar. 2011 On March 11, Head office factory and No. 2 factory damaged as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Sept. 2011 Conducted 40th anniversary commemoration project (presentation by marine adventurer, Kojiro Shiraishi).
Mar. 2015 Installed a new bath mat production line.
May. 2015 Installed a new laminated lumber production line.
Expanded a material storage.
Feb. 2018 Received an special prize from Fukushima Industry Award.
Oct. 2018 “Hinokinopla” received the Good Design Award.
Nov. 2019 Receive LIXIL award from reconstruction business contest in Tohoku region.
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