Wooden products made in Japan

KODAI is a Japanese company that makes wooden houseware products such as cutting boards, trays, and bath mats. We mainly use Japanese cypress, which has a beautiful polish, calming fragrance, and warm appearance to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and coziness.


Our kitchenware makes cooking and eating more efficient and enjoyable. Japanese cypress is highly water resistant and has a natural antibacterial effect, so it can prevent bacteria and mold growth. Our kitchenware is very easy to clean, and the calming smell of Japanese cypress helps you to relax while cooking and eating.


KODAI uses environmentally friendly production methods with forest thinning and FSC® certificated materials. Most of the traditional wooden products are hand made, but our products are manufactured by modern processing technology. After the machining process, every piece is finished by hand, allowing us to have high output but still maintain the highest possible quality.

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