Kodai is a small company, but we can respond to our customer’s needs quickly because we do everything in-house, from planning and development to production and sales. As result, we can help you to relax and enjoy life more with our beautiful range of products, all with the warm appearance and calming fragrance of Japanese cypress and cedar.


DesignThe planning and designing of products that are in tune with current trends and meet the needs of the market.

We focus on manufacturing products that harness the texture and subtleness of natural timber and meet the needs of consumers. Product marketing, planning, design, packaging and sales floor testing in our simulation room is all performed independently by Sales floor simulation room Kodai Sangyo.


We are committed to pursuing products and features that are in demand based on requests and and feedback received from retail outlets and market surveys.

Product planning

Our focus in on products and features that are in fashionable in the eyes of the consumer and satisfy the needs of the market, including racks, tables, benches, bath goods, kitchen goods and individual parts based on solid marketing and creativity.


We embrace the concept of safe, reliable and comfortable design with a distinct focus on attention to detail and quick development.

Production Management

Harnessing the knots and grain found only in natural materials to produce high-quality products.

Our focus is on products made from forest thinnings removed to assist the growth of the remaining trees as part of our aim to provide safe timber products that protect the natural environment and can be traced back to the production area. We are committed to the production of products that ensure total satisfaction with absolute craftsmanship and technology to test for quality and our own unique supply and production method.

Production management

Production is divided into individual processes including drying, cutting, turning and grooving.

Inspection, packaging and shipment

Following product inspection, products are packaged for convenient shipping and product appeal as part of our shipping system.


Absolute product management and a flexible delivery system providing peace of mind and trust.

Our comprehensive inventory and product management system makes sure you get the products you want when you want them to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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