Comfortable for living. Kodai Sangyo is a general manufacturer of wooden products for home with a view to “Comfort and Healing”.


Recently, risks to the global environment and the balance between humanity and the environment have become hot topics. However, from long ago, Kodai Sangyo has carefully studied from various viewpoints the issues of environmental pollution, the concept of using wood as a resource, as well as practical methods for its effective utilization.

Our corporate philosophy is based upon “Contribution,” and this has remained unchanged since our establishment. “Contribution to people,” “Contribution to customers,” “Contribution to partners,” “Contribution to local regions,” and “Contribution to the earth.” At present, the clearing of virgin forest is of prime concern. This is a consequence of simplistic consumer societies that do not consider trees as a resource that can be utilized again and again. This consumption also generates dioxin that may not be returned to the earth, but that also imperils life itself.

Since our establishment, Kodai Sangyo has ensured that we use thinned wood in order to protect forests, and have been striving towards realizing the effective use of durable products with which to share our lives. We will continue to tirelessly work towards a true coexistence with the forests that protect the life of this earth that cradles us, without encouraging the felling of timber that contributes towards the destruction of the environment. Contribution — The only concept that matters to Kodai Sangyo.

Management Principles

  1. Contribution to people
  2. Contribution to customers
  3. Contribution to partners
  4. Contribution to local regions
  5. Contribution to the earth

Basic business guidelines

  1. To create a profitable business structure, and to enrich the lives of individuals.
  2. To strive to be a company that while small, acts as a guiding light.


Masaaki NemotoKodai Sangyo was established on May 01, 1972 based on the experience of its founder, the late Shoji Nemotos experience as a carpenter. Since our founding, we have strived towards our motto of embracing peace and giving back to society. Despite a variety of changes in the economic landscape, including two oil shocks and the destruction of Japans economic bubble, we have continued to grow and develop on the back of invaluable support from our customers and suppliers.

Since our beginning, we have modernized our facilities, introduced a variety of IT solutions and focused on the development of new products and markets in order to address the needs of the times. In 1992, we acquired the registered trade mark for Mokuty Club and embarked on the effective use of timber from forest thinning in order to bring to market a range of environmentally friendly products. In November 2005, we received CoC certification under FSC® standards to promote the appropriate use of environmentally friendly timber products.

The 21st Century has seen an increased interest in coexisting with the natural environment and Kodai Sangyo has remained true to our management philosophy of Contribution” in an effort to maintain our position as a trusted and respected organization.

President CEO Masaaki Nemoto


License No.:FSC®C014816

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